Lualualei pictures courtesy of Ron Kessler

The front of the barracks about 1958.

Doc's sick bay in the center and the barracks on the right. The left is a section of the maintenance building.

The movie theater on the left. The microwave link to Mona Kapu under the tower. The church steeple on the right.

I recognize  HF at the end of street. The church steeple just behind the tent. I don't remember the tent and the buses.


Movie theater on right and barracks in the center.

This looks like the ham radio shack.

Looks like the administration building in the center where the base commander's office was.

The front of the maintenance buildings where I think Ron Cook worked. Was that shed for gasoline?

This is the front of the picture album that Ron had his pictures in. Note that it was still the Territory of Hawaii.

If I receive any more pictures from Ron, I will post here. If anyone can add comments or identify some of the people, send me information by email.