Pictures from Ron Wood

Ron Wood tuning the AN/FRT-40 in the HF building

(my comment: This must have been after I left Lualualei as I do not remember the AN/FRT-40)

Tubes used at High Freq, ceramic ML6697 air cooled PA for AN/FRT-40, 892-A (I think) water cooled for another big PA. Both tubes were capable of 50 KW.

(Is that Ron with no head ? Photos taken by Dick Millage)

From Ron Wood

Back left: Bob Prescott,  right: Gerald Henry
Middle left: Bob King, next: Roger Jones, next:Don't Know, next: Vance Christian
In front:  ? Horton,  (don't remember his first name)

I think that is Ron Cook on the  left of the middle row and then Bob King not sure on others. I do remember Horton was Electrician Mate.

 Bob Prescott,   Ron Wood ,    Ed Daggett.

" We were so proud of our second class stripes that we wore our dress blues (translated as hot!) on liberty".

(above comment from Ron Wood)

Sitting down is Ray Helsel; he used to work with OB in CCL.  In the back right is Paul McCoy.   The young fellow standing is CWO Citron's son.  We were fishing off Nanakuli.  The boat belonged to CWO Citron.   (From Ron Wood)

Note from Bob Birdsong:  I remember Paul McCoy well.  We arrived at Lualualei on the same day and went on liberty together several times.


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