Lualualei Pictures

Courtesy of Rich Lueke and Ron Wood

I hope that pig is well done. Preparing for the Luau.

The 3 guys on the left are Charlie Kuhn, Rich Lueke, and Ron Wood.  I don't know who the small boys belong to.

Rich Lueke tuning one of the old TBC transmitters.  That was the power supply on the right.  That looks like old "Charlie Baker "   Fred taught me to tune that transmitter first and how to neutralize that old monster.

Rich Lueke tuning the new AN/FRT-39  single sideband transmitter. This was LU-4's first SSB transmitter. I modified the transmitter and coupled it to the amplifier of the AN/FRT-6 transmitter  next to it. We had 50 KW of power to use in some tests to a submarine.  I was later told that  NPM  was the only station that the submarine heard  during the tests and Chief Pederson (Mat crew chief of LU-4) got a real atta boy and got me a letter of commendation from the Commanding Officer at Pearl Harbor. I think that Dave "Nanakuli" Moffat and I installed that transmitter and we wrote our names and date on the deck under the transmitter. I wonder if anyone ever spotted that.

This was the Mission

In March 1959, Skate made another extensive trip under the polar ice cap this time in winter. During this trip, she traveled 11,495 miles, 11,220 of which were submerged and more than 3000 under the polar ice cap. She broke through the polar ice to surface on 10 occasions. Slightly less than five years after her commissioning Skate entered the yards to receive her first refueling and overhaul. She had steamed 120,862 miles, of which 105,683 were submerged, on her first core.

Rich Lueke and Dave "Nanakuli" Moffat out on the lani.

Dave got his nickname from Fred Bonner. Fred had a name for everyone.

Thanks to Rich Lueke for the pictures.



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