Personnel Pictures of Lualualei

Thanks to Ronald Kessler for the pictures

I have added comments from Ron in green and added some of my own.

"Personnel Radio Station Lualualei - b x450.jpg" - is of I believe A.W. Palton with the camera.

I agree but believe his last name was Pelton.

"Personnel Radio Station Lualualei - c x450.jpg" - ??

Lyles on the left, is that Richard Tucker with hat on? Guy on right end of table with tattoo on arm is Joe Scott  The guy with back to camera on right might be Hayes. The guy in the chair reading is  "Ears" Linneer.

"Personnel Radio Station Lualualei - d x450.jpg" - One on the left is I believe Fred Bonner (too bad about the backlight) - on the right ?

I can't tell about Fred, is the other guy Joe Scott ?

"Personnel Radio Station Lualualei - e x450.jpg" - I think that Sears in the center the others ?

Ok  I think that is Bill Voreis and Ken Sears and maybe Richard Tucker.

"Personnel Radio Station Lualualei - f x450.jpg" - I keep thinking of the name Gossett but I�m not sure.

This does not look like Sammy Gossett to me but could be and I don't have a good guess.

"Personnel Radio Station Lualualei - g x450.jpg" - I�m sure that�s Bonner with camera ( tell him he has a photo of me) and I believe that�s Necessary, J.R. on the right.

I agree on Bonner, look at that beautiful face (smile Fred) Rich Lueke thinks that is Paul Plato in the shorts. I believe he may be right. Paul Plato was RM2 and supervisor of the crew that Rich was on.

"Personnel Radio Station Lualualei - h x450.jpg" - ??

I think that is T.J. Ables on the left and R.L. Lyles  and looks like Pelton with shirt off and Joe  Scott standing not sure about guy facing might be Schumacher?

I move this picture from the building page. I think that is T.J Ables on the left and then R.L. Lyles and then Robert Schumacher on the way to the showers.

If anybody can identify or confirm some of the names, please notify me.

page made 5/8/02