Recent Pictures of Lualualei

Pictures Courtesy of Robert Snyder

 Recent pictures of the old ranch
It is sad to see how  the barracks and the buildings have been abandoned and forgotten.
I am sure that would be horrors to Chiefs Bruce and Smoak

Front view of Barracks
Looks like it has all grown up

Back of barracks
Do I remember the washing machines were on the rear lanai?

South Side of Barracks

What is left of the movie theater

Building 4 Maintenance

Building 4 maintenance

Building 1 (High Freq)
still looks about the same

View of Building 1 from the Maintenance area

View of Building 68  (LU-4) from the road
This is the building that I worked in. 
What happened to all those Marconi antennas and open wire feeders that were at the building?

Old LU-4 looks like a run down dairy barn today
I left a little blood in that building when I cut my hand on the power panel
The only thing that hurt worse was having those two new corpsmen at NAD sew me up

Back of LU-4
All the water tanks and pumps are gone

no comment necessary

I have additional pictures that I can email on request
Thanks to Robert Snyder USN Retired and civilian employee at Lualualei today for the pictures. If you have any pictures or memories of Lualualei that you would like to share with this website, please send to with "Lualualei" in the subject line.


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