Pictures of Low Freq

From Ron Kessler 04/12/06

The above two photos are the Output push-pull power amps. Two groups of four water cooled tubes. Replacement tubes were kept on a rack shown in foreground with their filaments kept warm. In upper photos you can see the lower section of a PA tube (Plate) which had water cooling it in the tube containers of the power output groups.

The above photo shows the Output tank circuit capacitors. Depending on the frequency to be used the number of capacitors would be switched in or out using the knife switched shown at top.

The above photo shows the Output tank circuit Coil. Coil was adjustable for tuning of tank circuit.

Antenna towers of the Low Freq. transmitter at Lualualei. There were seven 600-foot towers. The towers supported two 400-foot downleads that were the transmitting elements for the low frequency transmitter. These downleads terminated at the top by a wire array suspend by the towers. This array of wires created a large capacitor using the wire array and ground. At the bottom the downleads were coupled to two large Helix Houses (about 80-foot high each). Inside the Helix House were three large Coils that were adjustable from the main transmitter room (Tuning coil shown above). The coils and the top capacitor formed a RC circuit that was tuned from the transmitter room to the transmitting frequency of 16.6 kHz. The PA of the low frequency transmitter was coupled to one of the Helix houses and this was the driving source for the antenna. The downlead of the Helix House that was not driven by the transmitter PA was a half a wavelength away and was use to reradiate the transmitting signal thus increasing the signal transmitting strength. During normal lock key of the low frequency transmitter the current flowing down the downleads would be about 400 RF amps.

*The technical information about the VLF transmitter at Lualualei during the time frame of 1957-1960 was provided by Ron Kessler to the best of his knowledge. It has been called to my attention that there were probably 7 towers instead of 5. There was no consensus among this group on the number of towers and 7 is probably correct. There was also a question to the frequency of 16.6 KHz but the group was unanimous that the frequency from re-activation in 1957 to 1960 was 16.6 KHz.

There is no claim of accuracy on this site as all the information has been recovered from memories of over 50 years ago.



The following two photos are of a Hurricane that hit LLL about 1958.



The above photos show the aftermath of a hurricane that took off the corrugated roofing of the grange behind the barrack and sent it over the barracks dropping it in front of the Mess Hall. This occurred about 15 mins before we going to go to the Mess Hall for lunch. We had to go out in the hurricane and pick-up the corrugated roofing before it took out the radio antennas


The above are photos of Ron Kessler. Was he ever that young?

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