Low Freq


About 1958

Pictures of Low Freq -- courtesy of Ron Kessler   

I believe the frequency was 16.6 KC (before KHz)

and power 100 KW

After I posted this Ron Kessler sent me the following comments

Max power was 500 KW.  Antenna downlead current was 400 RF amps.
USS Nautilus became the first submarine to traverse the Arctic Ocean in 1958. It went from the Bering Strait to Iceland via the North Pole in four days.  During the time under the ice cape the Low Freq transmitter was used to communicate to the Nautilus.  There was a big push to keep the transmitter up during this time.  We did not know of this voyage until after this voyage was announced to the public.

Front of Transmitter

Power Input Station

Ron Kessler --- this monster needs a little tweaking

First Power Amp

Did PM really consists of swabbing out the transmitter?

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