Hawaiian Beach Party

The following  pictures of a beach party were sent to me by Ron Kessler.

The mystery of the location of this beach party has been solved - thanks to Robert Snyder and Craig Nui

This was just off Farrington Hwy at Mialilii
The memory is still faint of this location after 50+ years

This picture was originally posted as a mirror image which made identity of the location difficult

Knight on the Left with "Dog" Daugomah from Oklahoma in the center and "yours truly" on the right with a Falstaff in hand

I have received an email from James Daugomah that his Dad and our good friend and shipmate "Dog"  passed away in 1983. 


This is me and Dog again. Note the Falstaff's.

I can't remember the guy on the left,  Knight I think in the middle and me. Nice bathing suit! I think these guys were radiomen that stood watch.

Dog and RM1 Davis.  I think Davis took Fred Bonners slot when he left Lualualei and later made chief. Note the tattoos,  he would be in style with the kids today.

This is how hard we worked in Hawaii keeping the beaches secure.